Metalvetro comes from the glass-blowing workshops of the Venice area, applying the knowledge and experience of master glassmakers to the logic of industrial production. Glass coatings for interiors and glass roofs. Shower enclosures in Padua glass, glass stairs and steps, glass coatings for interiors. Metalvetro offers standard products and customized solutions, with particular attention to […]

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Metalvetro practises an industrial style of production capable of maintaining rapid execution of projects with limited costs, without forgetting the value and attention that each artisan glassmaker puts into every piece of work. It is the synergy between these two aspects that has allowed Metalvetro to establish itself in the market for glass manufacture for building and interior design.

Tailored solutions

Metalvetro produces glass solutions tailored to interior and exterior furnishings and also for specific projects provided by the customer.


Metalvetro, as well as offering design and execution of works in glass, also offers an established and highly-qualified installation service.

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