Metalvetro is a company specialized in the field of tempered glass and laminated glass, applied to building and interior design. The company also produces glass windows, and supplies the metal accessories needed for installation.

Metalvetro comes from the glass-blowing workshops of the Venice area, applying the knowledge and experience of master glassmakers to the logic of industrial production. Glass coatings for interiors and glass roofs. Shower enclosures in Padua glass, glass stairs and steps, glass coatings for interiors.

Metalvetro offers standard products and customized solutions, with particular attention to the design of the product and the choice of materials. Our strong point is the quality of the craftsmanship of every single project together with the most advanced technologies, using specific machines on the cutting table, in the digitally-controlled machining centre, and on the lamination line.

Metalvetro ensures quality and precision in craftsmanship, and efficiency, speed and the savings in cost that are typical of a production carried out on an industrial scale.

Metalvetro was born as a grouping of the most prestigious glassmaking workshops of the area, applying the knowledge and experience of master glassmakers to the logic of large-scale production. Thanks to ongoing research in technological innovation, Metalvetro was able to expand the range of services offered by providing high-quality services of design, construction and final commissioning.

2005 was a breakthrough year for Metalvetro, and from this date in fact Metalvetro entered the market with Sametec: a system for glass lamination that reduces production costs while maintaining the quality of the finished product.

Metalvetro’s future objective today is to be able to enter successfully into the field of interior furnishings, sure of the technical and design aspects of our products, and their great aesthetic value.


Design, tailored solutions and installation

Metalvetro, as well as offering design and execution of works in glass, also offers an established and highly-qualified installation service.